RE: null scalary type in ScalarMap

Hi Michelle,

If you don't want a particular ScalarType mapped to the display,
then don't create a ScalarMap for it! You should not create any
ScalarMaps with null DisplayRealType.


At 05:08 PM 7/17/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Curtis,
>I'm actually trying to have null values for just the DisplayRealType and
>not the ScalarType. I want the possibility for an input field to be
>mapped to a null value as one possible visualization instead of *always*
>mapping every single input field in the data set to a VisAD parameter. 
>However, as I dig further and further into the original code, I'm
>finding that I would have to modify many classes to avoid null pointer
>exceptions. Am I correct that there would be no simple way to wrap a
>null DisplayRealType without getting null pointer exceptions?
>Michelle Kam           (408) 742-2881
>Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. SSM/ATC/MSIS
>B/153 O/L922 
>1111 Lockheed Martin Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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