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Hmmmm.  I just released the latest version of my app with Java 1.4.1 because
another team coder was developing a part of the app using 1.4.1 and taking
advantage of some of its new features.  I guess if I have problems, I will
have to revert and get him to also and do some kind of work around.  I
jumped from 1.2.2 to 1.4.1, so I hope things will work fine with 1.3.1 if I
have to revert or I may have to go back to 1.2.2.

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Hi Tom et al,

>p.s. Also, IMHO Java 1.4.1 should not be used.  There were so many problems
with it that it's just not worth the hassles.  AFAIK the only really stable,
working version has been 1.3.1 lately...although I've not thoroughly looked
at 1.4.2 yet...

I ran 1.4.2 beta for a while, and found that it had issues with
my laptop's graphics card (ATI Rage Mobility M1) as well as some
stability problems--my VisAD application would consistently
freeze up upon exit, requiring a Task Manager kill to properly

In other words, I agree with Tom that it's better to stick with
1.3 for now.


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