Re: error

Hi Luke:

We always put the Java3D code in the JRE directory that we bundle with our applications (and development things like Python) - that way the users get the environment _we_ want them to have, not what they might have otherwise installed. We also make sure that they run our jvm. Why didn't they get an error before? Speculations:

* you had inadvertantly put the Java3D files in your JRE directory before packaging

* they already installed Java3D and were using it

I would recommend that you package the Java3D plus anything else you need, right along with the app and the jvm.


p.s. Also, IMHO Java 1.4.1 should not be used. There were so many problems with it that it's just not worth the hassles. AFAIK the only really stable, working version has been 1.3.1 lately...although I've not thoroughly looked at 1.4.2 yet...

Luke.A.Catania@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Is there a reason I did not get this error before?  In a previous version of
my application installer I did not bundle Java3D API with it, I just bundled
the Java JRE, which was 1.2.2.


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