Re: display something several times

Hi Andre,

You can fix this by replacing all occurrences of 'new RealType(...)'
by 'getRealType(...)'. The RealType constructors are all deprecated
now, but some old code examples (many written by me, I must confess)
still use 'new RealType(...)' and mislead beginners.


On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Andre Skusa wrote:

> Hello VisAD experts,
> here is a question you might be able to answer a VisAD novice:
> I got quickly VisAD to run in my own Java application. Currently a new
> frame is opened with a DisplayImpl object added. This object contains a
> simple drawing taken from the very first tutorial example. So it's
> basically this example that is started within my program by click on a
> button. What I'm wondering about is if I do this simply twice (open the
> window with the DisplayImpl object (here it works), close it and open it
> again) then I'm getting a null pointer exception and the error message
> "ScalarType: name already used"
> I guess that although the frame object has been completely renewed by
> closing and opening the window again there is somehow something left in
> the memory that lets the program think that the objects/variables
> created the first time still exist. Is this the case? And how do I fix
> this, i.e. is there a "clear" method or anything like that?
> My goal was to have more than one plots in the same window. Maybe there
> is sample code for that somewhere but I couldn't find it. Can you guys
> help me??
> Thanks a lot,
> Andre
> --
> Dipl.-Inform. Andre Skusa (PhD student)
> NRW Graduate School in Bioinformatics and Genome Research
> Center of Biotechnology (CeBiTec)
> University of Bielefeld
> Postfach 10 01 31
> D-33501 Bielefeld
> Germany
> home:
> email: andre.skusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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