RE: Bad Mapping Exceptions

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Kam, Michelle C wrote:

> You said to only construct ScalarMaps to DisplayRealTypes in one spatial
> DisplayTupleType. I'm confused what this means since when I setup my
> array of mappings passed to setMaps(), I only have 1 DisplayRealType
> ("mapTo") that the RealType ("mapFrom") gets mapped to. When you say not
> to mix Display.XAxis with Display.Latitude, are you saying that both
> XAxis and Latitude should not be a "mapTo" field in the same cell? What
> do you mean by 1 spatial DisplayTupleType?

Think of a DisplayTupleType as a spatial coordinate system.
One for Cartesian coordinates (XAxis, YAxis, ZAxis), one for
spherical (Latitude, Longitude, Radius), one for cylidrical
(CylRadius, CylAzimuth, CylZAxis). In any cell, don't mix
mappings to different spatial coordinate systems.

Good luck, Bill

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