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There is indeed a limitation of 3 components in the domain.

While the code tries to use a LinearNDSet for more than 3 domain components, it is not working correctly [here I am assuming you have a MathType like: ((a,b,c,d,e,f,g)->x) ].

I will have to investigate the problem further, and will let you know when I learn more.

Thanks for reporting this.


Michelle Kam wrote:

Hi Curtis,

You sent me a link to the VisAD TextAdapter documention that showed examples on how to load a CSV file. It says that the only possible representations are 2-D arrays and 1,2, or 3-D points. In my .csv file, if I have 9 different input fields that can each be mapped to any visualization parameter, it seems as if I can only map at most 3 of these input fields at a time. Is this correct?

In that case, if I split up the 9 fields into 3 groups of 3, my data set would have to be broken down. However, in example #5 with the .bsv file, it looks like the range has 4 values. Is it possible to have a domain with 9 fields?

Maybe I'm not understanding the meaning of these mappings because in example #7, I don't see why longitude and latitude are in the domain when they are a visualization parameters for the output in VisAD.


===== Original Message From Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@xxxxxxxx> ====
Hi Michelle,

I fixed a bug that was preventing spreadsheet files from
loading properly. You can find the attached at:

The VisAD distribution will reflect the changes within a few days.

Let me know if this fix does not solve your problem.


At 03:24 PM 7/2/2003, you wrote:

Hi Curtis,

Attached is the file that I tried to open in the Visad spreadsheet cell. It
said that it "could not be converted to Visad data". I also saved it as a
.txt and opened it in Notepad just fine. Are you able to open it on yours?


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