Re: Write vertical text

In Python:

from subs import *
m = makeMaps('x','x','y','y')
d = makeDisplay2D(m)
d.drawString('my string', [0, 0], up=[-.1, 0., 0.], base=[0., .1, 0.] )

This illustrates the use of the 'up' and 'base' parameters that is applicable to the PlotText.render_label() as well. The beauty of Python & VisAD is that it allows you to prototype very quickly.

Hope that helps.


Romaric BENECH wrote:

Is it possible to write a vertical text (a text with 90° rotation) in 2D Display with Visad in java ?
Is there example somewhere with how to write a text and make it vertical ?
Thanks your help. Romaric

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