RE: mouse clicking multiple cells

Hi Michelle,

SpreadSheet's top-level selectCell(int, int) method calls
FancySSCell.setSelected(boolean). With a little bit of
digging into the source code, or even scanning the
Javadocs, you can uncover things like this yourself.


At 03:53 PM 7/1/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Curtis,
>I added a Vector to so that when a user clicks on a cell,
>that cell # is stored in the vector at SpreadSheet.selectCell(). I also
>implemented with my class that
>checks if the mouse was clicked and "control" was held down. In that case,
>it calls selectCell() where it updates the vector of selected cells by
>adding this one. 
>The cell #'s seem to be added into the vector as I click on them, but
>multiple cells cannot be highlighted at once. ie. I'll click on a cell and
>then release the mouse to click on another cell but then the first cell is
>no longer highlighted. Only the most recently selected cell is highlighted.
>Is there a way to disable the de-selection of cells once the user clicks on
>another cell? Below is

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