RE: specifying fields from input file

Hi Curtis,

I tried calling getData() on a FancySSCell and then passing that and a newly
constructed vector to hold the resulting scalar types into the call to
getScalarTypes() (as you suggested). However, in the printout of the scalar
types, I only get time, row, col, height, U, and V. No matter how many times
I run my program, these are always the input fields and altitude, latitude,
longitude, or W never appear as "map from" fields. So the values that the
input fields are mapped to change as expected, but the input fields
themselves are always the same. Printed to screen:

mpas[0] is ScalarMap: Time -> DisplayRGBA

maps[1] is ScalarMap: row -> DisplayValue

maps[2] is ScalarMap: col -> DisplayCyan

maps[3] is ScalarMap: Height -> DisplayYAxisOffset

maps[4] is ScalarMap: U -> DisplayRGBA

maps[5] is ScalarMap: row -> DisplayBlue

maps[6] is ScalarMap: col -> DisplaySaturation

maps[7] is ScalarMap: Height -> DisplayYellow

maps[8] is ScalarMap: V -> DisplayRadius

maps[9] is ScalarMap: row -> DisplayZAxis

If I imported small.v5d as the input data file and tried to determine the
scalar values of input fields, do you know why the input fields of altitude,
latitude, longitude, or W never show up especially since I'm randomizing the
intial mappings including input fields?

                public void setCellMapping(int width, int height) throws
VisADException, RemoteException {
                        int fields = theJgapAPI.field_count;
//used as arg to getMappingForCell()
                        int cell_number = (width + (4 * height));
//used as arg to getMappingForCell()
                        ScalarMap[] theMaps = new ScalarMap[fields];
//array that will be passed into setMaps()      
                        Data[] myData
                        Vector myVector = new Vector(10); //capacity = 10
because there are 10 input fields in small.v5d
                        int useless = DataUtility.getScalarTypes(myData,
myVector, true, false);  //will setup the myVector structure holding input
fields scalar types             
                        for (int i = 0; i < fields; i++) {      
                                int assignment
theJgapAPI.getMappingForCell(cell_number, i);
                                DisplayRealType mapTo
                                RealType mapFrom = (RealType)
                                theMaps[i] = new ScalarMap(mapFrom, mapTo);



Michelle Kam           (408) 742-2881
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. SSM/ATC/MSIS
B/153 O/L922 
1111 Lockheed Martin Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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Subject: RE: specifying fields from input file

Hi Michelle,

>I was actually trying to either find a data structure that held all the
>input fields or create one myself. If I used the method you described below
>of calling getData() and then getType() and then parsing that, I have to
>iterate through all the fields for each field in the data file. From the
>looks of setMaps(), it seems as if the structure "dr[]" that holds Data
>objects is local to setMaps() and I can't access that from
>when iterating through the array. Do you know if there is a similar global
>structure? Also, is there a method in BasicSSCell called parse() because
>not sure how you would parse() a MathType.

MappingDialog extracts the ScalarTypes using visad.util.DataUtility's
getScalarTypes() method (this method calls several other internal, recursive
methods to which I alluded before). Check out the Javadoc on
visad.util.DataUtility for more information on its usage.

You should be able to getData() your data from the SSCell, then call
DataUtility.getScalarTypes, passing in your data objects. 


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