Re: The curvers overflow the graph

Hi Romaric,

> If I change the Range of Xaxis or Yaxis , its overflows on the border of the 
> graph.
> Is there a method to maintain the curves in the graph ?
> I join a little very small () image to make you well understand ( you can see 
> my problem at the bottom letf and right).

Try calling:


before you change your data values, or calling:


at the start.

However, if you are calling setRnage() on your ScalarMaps to
XAxis and YAxis and just want to clip the data outside the
box, try calling setClip() on your DisplayRenderer. This
method has different signatures for DisplayImplJ2D and
DisplayImplJ3D - see for DisplayImplJ2D and in DisplayImplJ3D in visad/examples to see how
to call it.

Good luck,