RE: specifying fields from input file

Hi Curtis,

When I load a data file into a spreadsheet cell, the input fileds such as 
latitude, longitude, etc are different per each file. Do you know which class 
I can find those fields that appear in the left column of the mapping dialog 
box called "Map From"? I'm looking for an array or some data structure that 
holds those fields so that I can map each input field to a corresponding 
Display type such as CylRadius that shows up in the "Map To" section of the 
mapping dialoge box.

Also, when a user clicks with the mouse on a particular cell to select it, I 
can access that selected cell with the variables "CurX" and "CurY". However, 
do you know if there is a way in the code to access multiple cells when the 
user selects more than 1 cell with the "Control" button and the mouse 


>===== Original Message From Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ====
>>Do you know if there is a method in the Visad package that will remove the
>>data files from all cells that were loaded in before? ie. I would like to
>>clear the visualizations that appear in each spread sheet cell after each
>>generation so I can show a new set of 16 cells. Ideally, I would like all
>>cells to be cleared without the user having to select each one and then
>>click done.
>SpreadSheet.newFile() will clear all SpreadSheet cells.
>If you want to clear them all without asking for user
>confirmation, call SpreadSheet.newFile(false). However,
>that method is protected, so you'll either need to hack
>the SpreadSheet and make it public, or else define an
>extension of the SpreadSheet that calls it for you.