RE: setMaps()?

Hi Michelle,

That would be a good approach, yes. Just make sure
you check which cell triggered each ssCellChanged
event in your VisadAPI.ssCellChanged method.


At 06:21 PM 6/20/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Curtis,
>I am going back to my original and files and
>adjusting it to load 4 of the small.v5d files at once. In my VisadAPI class,
>I added the whole VisadAPI class as the argument to addSSCellListener to
>detect changes in only the top left cell as in the code below:
>But if I now want to load the same file into 4 cells in a "for" loop, would
>it make sense to add "this" (the same VisadAPI instance) as the cell
>listener for each of the cells as below or would that cause problems?

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