RE: Small error in point position, also rendering-order question

  • To: "Bill Hibbard" <billh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: Small error in point position, also rendering-order question
  • From: "Ian Graham" <ian@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:11:26 -0600
Wow, Bill - thanks for the fix to VisADCanvasJ2D and for answering all my
other points thoroughly!

> > Also, I'm plotting both points and labels.  Is it really
> necessary to force
> > only one renderer to be employed?

> The approach of most visualization systems is to have lists
> of functions ...
> The VisAD approach to generality is different. It defines a
> few basic elements that can be combined to create arbitrary
> data and displays. This is ultimately much more flexible, but
> is not as convenient as the long list of options. We are
> developing Python libraries for supporting the more convenient
> list of options approach. Furthermore, when VisAD's reductionist
> approach lacks efficiency, it allows applications to define
> custom DataRenderers.

I do appreciate VisAD's reductionist approach to functionality that makes
good use of composition - I certainly wouldn't have meant to go the other
way for labeled points.  I haven't actually looked at how to define my own
renderers yet, so I don't even know how to explicitly specify which one(s)
to use, but I guess I was thinking that being able to specify multiple
renderers might be useful.  But I shouldn't be taking your time without
looking more carefully at what's there first...

Thanks again,