Re: Some questions about VisAD

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than just to myself or other individuals.

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, [iso-8859-1] Romaric BENECH wrote:

> 1) I hope it is better explained  :
> About the graph, it is too little in my panel, i would like to increase its 
> height and its width.

You can do this either with calls to the setRange() methods of
your ScalarMaps to XAxis, YAxis and ZAxis, or by calls to
the setMatrix() method of your ProjectionControl (you can see
examples and in visad/examples/).

> 2) A little question again :
> And when i change the scale with "RangeWidget", the curve is overflowing 
> outside the graph. I would like it stays only into the graph.

You can replace the RangeWidget by explicit calls to
ScalarMap.setRange() to control how your data depictions are
scaled. If you need user interaction via RangeWidgets, you
can add a ScalarMapListener to the ScalarMaps whose ranges
are set by RangeWidgets, and ensure that ranges are within
certain bounds in their mapChanged() methods.

Good luck,