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On another note, after reading Ugo's tutorial, I'm wondering if maybe I need
to add a Data Reference object after I created the mappings. Would that be
necessary to get the mappings to show up on the display? 


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>Since your goal seems to be to pre-specify the data set
>and the ScalarMaps in the SpreadSheet, I suggest that the
>SpreadSheet is not the right approach. The SpreadSheet is
>designed as a GUI to give users interactive control over
>as much of the VisAD API as possible. In order to do this,
>the SpreadSheet is very complex, especially for a beginner
>like yourself.

I'd say this depends on what you want to accomplish.  The
BasicSSCell/FancySSCell API can provide extra tools for
managing multiple data objects within a cell, especially if
you want to have user-interactive formulas or mappings.
If you want your application to have functionality similar
to what the SpreadSheet provides, it might be right for you.

But Bill is right that in general, the core VisAD API is
much more flexible, and overall a better solution for the
majority of applications.

>I also strongly recommend that you take the time to work
>through Ugo's excellent VisAD tutorial. This will give you
>a real feel for the VisAD API.

I agree.


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