RE: your mail

Hi Michelle,

Since your goal seems to be to pre-specify the data set
and the ScalarMaps in the SpreadSheet, I suggest that the
SpreadSheet is not the right approach. The SpreadSheet is
designed as a GUI to give users interactive control over
as much of the VisAD API as possible. In order to do this,
the SpreadSheet is very complex, especially for a beginner
like yourself.

It will be much easier for you to do these things by just
writing an ordinary VisAD application that uses the API
directly. I suggest starting with the main() method in the
visad/data/vis5d/ class. In fact, you can
visualize the "small.v5d" data set using:

  java small.v5d

(To use this, please download a fresh copy of visad_src-2.0.jar
or visad.jar from,
as I just fixed a bug this morning).

I also strongly recommend that you take the time to work
through Ugo's excellent VisAD tutorial. This will give you
a real feel for the VisAD API.

Good luck,

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