Re: lineWidth

Hi Cicero,

You are probably using the DirectX version of Java3D on
Windows. I recommend using the OpenGL version instead.


At 02:12 PM 5/29/2003, Cicero A. W. Zandonna wrote:
>Hello VisAD comunnity,
>I  am having some problems reguarding line width and the diferences betwen 2D 
>and 3D displays.
>This question have probabily already been explained on this list but I coudn´t 
>find then:
>- The setLineWidth() methos in the GraphicsModeControl works only on 2D 
>Displays?  It afects all lines, always?
>- I have tried to use a constant map in order to change the widths, something 
>like this:
>ConstantMap[] cores = { new ConstantMap(5.0, visad.Display.PointSize),
>                       new ConstantMap((double) color.getRed()/256, 
> visad.Display.Red ),
>                       new ConstantMap((double) color.getGreen()/256, 
> visad.Display.Green ),
>                       new ConstantMap((double) color.getBlue()/256, 
> visad.Display.Blue )
>                       };
>The colors worked, but not the width.
>If there is any information missing, please let me know...
>Thanks Already.
>Cicero A. W. Zandoná

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