Re: Transform an object.

Hi Christopher,

> I'm trying to modify the TestStereo example to add a Transform3D to move
> the object a bit farther from the viewer.  The example code uses
> DisplayImpl.addMap, and all the geometry magically appears.
> What I'd like to do, is get ahold of the Group Node that the ScalarMaps
> are added to, and insert a TransformGroup between the Group Node and the
> root node (the Locale)?  Is there a way to get ahold of the scene graph?

ScalarMaps are not added to any Group (ScalarMaps are a purely
VisAD concept, rather than Java3D). One possible approach to do
what you want is to pass an appropriate 4x4 matrix to
ProjectionControlJ3D.setMatrix(), which sets the Transform3D
that is above all data depictions. You might call
ProjectionControlJ3D.setMatrix() to get the matrix, multiply
it be an appropriate translation back in Z (experiment with
order to this multiply), and then pass the result back to

Please let me know if this solves your problem.

> I _have_ modified TestStereo to use the DisplayImpl3d constructor that
> takes an instance of VisADCanvasJ3D so I could get ahold of the View and
> change the PhysicalBody to adjust stereo eye separation and
> EyeOffsetFromScreen.  But stereo separation is also effected by
> ViewPlatform position and object distance to origin.  I'd like to change
> both of these using a Transform3D.
> I'm a newbie - please feel free to point out that I've wandered off into
> the weeds yet again...

You're in unfamiliar territory, so if my suggestion doesn't
solve your problem we may need to modify some VisAD classes
to help you.


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