Range not changing on Display.IsoContour

Hello VisAD comunnity,

I am facing a problem with the Display.IsoContour ScalarMap. In few words, when I change the values, the Range dosen´t ajusts itself like it does when I use another mapping like Display.RGB. It sounds like I am missing something, but can be a bug also.

To make thing more clear, I am sending a single test that demonstrates the problem.

Thanks already,

Cicero A. W. Zandoná

//Code starts here

import visad.*;
import visad.java2d.DisplayImplJ2D;
import java.rmi.RemoteException;
import javax.swing.JFrame;

public class NoRefresh {
private RealType longitude, latitude, sombreado;

// Para juntar lat e lon private RealTupleType domain_tuple;

   // função (domain_tuple -> sombreado )
   private FunctionType func_dom_sombreado;

   // Set para sombreado
   private Set set_sombreado;

   // FlatField dos dados da sombreado
   private FlatField ff_sombreado;

   // DataReference das sombreado
   private DataReferenceImpl ref_sombreado;

   // O display e seus mapas

   private DisplayImpl display;
   private ScalarMap latMap, lonMap, sombreadoMap;
static int NLINES = 30; /** Creates a new instance of Display */
   public NoRefresh()  throws RemoteException, VisADException {
// Create the quantities
       // Use RealType(String name);

       latitude = RealType.Latitude;
       longitude = RealType.Longitude;

       domain_tuple = new RealTupleType(latitude, longitude);

       sombreado = RealType.getRealType("sombreado");

       // Cria a função (domain_tuple -> sombreado )
       func_dom_sombreado = new FunctionType( domain_tuple, sombreado);

//Display 2D
       display = new DisplayImplJ2D("display1");
//Para Displays 2D
       latMap = new ScalarMap( RealType.Latitude, visad.Display.YAxis);
lonMap = new ScalarMap( RealType.Longitude, visad.Display.XAxis ); display.addMap( latMap );
       display.addMap( lonMap );
//Scalar Maps sombreadoMap = new ScalarMap( sombreado, visad.Display.IsoContour ); ScalarMap sombreadoMapColor = new ScalarMap( sombreado, visad.Display.RGB );

       display.addMap( sombreadoMap );
       display.addMap( sombreadoMapColor );
//Setting Contour Fill ContourControl isoControl = (ContourControl) sombreadoMap.getControl();

       ref_sombreado = new DataReferenceImpl("ref_sombreado");

       // Adicionar ao display
       display.addReference( ref_sombreado );
} public void plotaSombreado(float[][] domain, float[][] vals)
       throws RemoteException, VisADException {
display.removeReference(ref_sombreado); sombreadoMap.resetAutoScale(); set_sombreado = new Gridded2DSet(domain_tuple, domain, NLINES, NLINES); ff_sombreado = new FlatField( func_dom_sombreado, set_sombreado); ff_sombreado.setSamples( vals ); ref_sombreado.setData( ff_sombreado ); display.addReference( ref_sombreado );
public visad.DisplayImpl getDisplay() {return display;} public static void main(String[] args) throws RemoteException, VisADException { NoRefresh noR = new NoRefresh(); //Janela que mostrará o display
       JFrame jframe = new JFrame("Display do Metvis");
       jframe.setSize(610, 610);
float[][] matrix_1 = new float[1][NLINES*NLINES]; float[][] matrix_2 = new float[1][NLINES*NLINES]; float[][] domain = new float[2][NLINES*NLINES]; //Creating Domain
       for(int c = 0; c < NLINES; c++)
         for(int r = 0; r < NLINES; r++){
           domain[0][ c * NLINES + r ] = 0f + r;
           domain[1][ c * NLINES + r ] = 0f+ c;
//Creating Values
       for(int c = 0; c < NLINES; c++)
         for(int r = 0; r < NLINES; r++){
matrix_1[0][c * NLINES + r] = (float) (Math.sin(r*200)*Math.cos(c*200)); matrix_2[0][c * NLINES + r] = (float) (2*Math.sin(r*200)*Math.cos(c*200));
System.out.println("Drawing Data_1");
       noR.plotaSombreado(domain, matrix_1);
//Waits some time.
       try{ Thread.sleep(5*1000); }
       catch (InterruptedException ex) {}
System.out.println("Drawing Data_2 = Data_1*2"); noR.plotaSombreado(domain, matrix_2); }