DelaunayCustom.fill() returning null?

      I'm having a problem displaying ellipses. I am displaying ellipse
outlines in a Gridded2DSet and then using DelaunayCustom.fill() to get an
Irregular2DSet to display the fill part.
This works 99% of the time but for the odd ellipse DelaunayCustom.fill()
returns null and I'm not sure why.

I've attached a sample program that has one ellipse that works and a second
ellipse that doesn't get filled.

The ellipses are made up of 33 points and strangely if you plot between 7
and 31 of the 'bad' ellipse's points then the fill works. You can test this
by setting 'numPointInSet'  to 31 (or whatever) instead of 33.


Scott Anderson

Description: Binary data

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