Re: Still having pblms with 3D bar plot

Hello Arvind,

if you want to have "flow1" and "flow2 in the x-y plane, and "utitlity"
along the z axis, then use the following scalar maps.

final ScalarMap flow1XMap = new ScalarMap(flow1, Display.XAxis);
final ScalarMap flow2YMap = new ScalarMap(flow2, Display.YAxis);
final ScalarMap utilityZMap = new ScalarMap(utility, Display.ZAxis);


If you also want to map "utility" to a colour, say red-green-blue, then
you could also add:

display.addMap(new ScalarMap(utitlity, Display.RGB));

Given that you already know the min/max range of values for each type,
you can also perform a setRange() on each scalar map.

flow1XMap.setRange(5, 40);
flow2YMap.setRange(5, 40);
utilityZMap.setRange(0, 1);

PS. I'm not sure I understand your problem, so please post again with
more details if need be.

Hope this helps,
Jim Koutsovasilis
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

Arvind Lakshmikumar wrote:

  I post this again as my attempts have been going nowhere and I hope
someone more experienced than I could help me out real quick.I have 3
variables, flow1,flow2 and utility. flow1 and flow2 lie in
[5,40]. Corresponding to that utility lies in [0,1]. I want to represent
the height of Z as a solid bar. Would really appreciate it if someone
could help me out with a java snippet that could do this..

Thanks a lot,

                        Arvind Lakshmikumar

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