Re: Repainting images in JyVisAD

> Are you using a DisplayImplJ2D?
Erm, no.  I have to use the 'makeDisplay(maps)' method in JyVisAD's
scripts which uses a DisplayImpl and not a DisplayImplJ2D.  Using
'makeDisplay2D(maps)' with the requisite DisplayImplJ2D causes the program
to crash.

 > What method are you calling replace the image?
See code excerpt below. Might be a tad confusing without a little

The replaced image is a stretched version of the original image.  So... I've
defined a method that stretches the original image and displays both this
(the stretched image) and everything that was previously displayed (makes a
new JPanel for everything etc)  Very memory intensive.  Trying to fix.

-------- start code -----------
displayPanel = JPanel(border=border.TitledBorder("Display Panel"),
#add original image first
#add display plot panel
pane.add("Center", displayPanel)

#some program calls to add stretched image when buttons are clicked
buttonPanel = JPanel(border=border.TitledBorder("Y-Stretch Controls"),
layout=BorderLayout(0, 20))
stretchButton=JButton("x2", preferredSize=(100,20), actionPerformed=twist1)
buttonPanel.add(stretchButton, BorderLayout.CENTER)

#define a twist grid for stretching the image in pre-defined amounts (y
direction only)
def twist1(event):
    twist_grid = [ [w for h in xrange(height) for w in xrange(width)] ,
               [(w-(h*0.5)) for h in xrange(height) for w in xrange(width)]]

    twist_set = Gridded2DSet(set.getType(), twist_grid, width, height, None,
None, None, 0)

    twist = FlatField(img.getType(), twist_set)


 #some formatting to convert this into an image
    twistdom = getDomainType(twist)
    twistrng = getRangeType(twist)
    twist_maps = subs.makeMaps(twistdom[0],'x', twistdom[1],'y',

#make maps for it!
    dispt = subs.makeDisplay(twist_maps)

#them make a display panel for it that overwrites the entire display
    displayPanel2 = JPanel(border=border.TitledBorder("Display Panel"),
    pane.add("Center", displayPanel2)
-------- end code -----------

The above appears to work except that stretched image only updates on
'maximising' JFrame which holds all.  What should I be doing?

Many thanks,

----- Original Message -----
From: Bill Hibbard <billh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Chi-chi Ekweozor <cce100@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 12:59 PM
Subject: Re: Repainting images in JyVisAD

> Hi Chi-chi,
> > I wonder if anyone's come across this before.  I'm trying to update a 2D
display by replacing the image mapped onto it with another image.  The only
problem is the replacement image is not displayed unless I 'maximise' the
JFrame containing the display.
> Are you using a DisplayImplJ2D?
> What method are you calling replace the image?
> Please send the relevant portion of code to visad-list.
> Cheers,
> Bill

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