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Ian Graham wrote:
I have that trouble too, with the result usually being that I can never find
my plot again, so I have to recreate the plot.

Not that the following is any long-term solution to your problem, but you should not need to recreate the plot when this happens. Try calling:


This will put the plot or the display cube back in place.
In an application I often need this to restore the default position.



Ian Graham

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Subject: Sudden display movements

Hi all,

I just install one of the applications I developed using VisAD on
my Laptop
and I am getting some weird mouse-display interaction behaviors, both with
my touch pad and my USB mouse.

When I left-click over the display and move the mouse, instead of
the usual
slow diplay motions I got huge displacements, in occasions a
slight movement
to the right make the display disappear from the canvas area.

Has anyone else observed this behavior.  I have the latest VisAD (jar)
version installed.

Are there any parameters I can change to control the displacement



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