Re: VISAD 3D plots

Hi Arvind,

>   I'm a newbie to VISAD and have a bit of a pblm. I have a file with data
> as follows:
> 10 15 0.6
> 20 5  0.8
> 5 10  0.7
> ....
> ....

You can read this data using Tom's VisAD TextAdapter, as described at:

> The 1st and 2nd columns are on the X and Y axis and the 3rd column is the
> Z axis. I want to plot the Z axis as a bar with a height equal to the
> value (0.6 etc).
> Haven't been able to figure out how to do it..Any sample code would be a
> great help.

I highly recommend Ugo's tutorial to learn about such matters, at:

Section 4.1 and its code provide an example of what
you want to do. But if you want to use VisAD, its a good idea to
work through the tutorial.

Good luck,