Re: Bug resampling field with Irregular2DSet to Linear2DSet

Hi Ian,

If your triangulations are limited to 2-D, you could try
using DelaunayFast.  It is an imperfect divide-and-conquer
triangulation algorithm I wrote, for use with large numbers
of points, when speed is more important than precision.

It may not be accurate enough for your needs, but I suggest
giving it a quick look.  Also of interest is the
Delaunay.improve() method, which uses edge-flipping to
bring an imperfect triangulation closer to the optimal one.


On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Ian Graham wrote:
>> I _would_ like to understand where the faster algorithms fail, however,
>> because this is a very small dataset in my world, and I don't need
>> precision.  I already make sure I don't have identical x,y coordinates, but
>> that doesn't seem to be enough, and I thought only the Clarkson algorithm
>> rounds to integers.