Re: slider for z-axis mapping

Hi Chris,

> Im looking for a an easy way to add a slider for
> changing the "gain" or amplitude scaling on an series
> of radiance images that are being animated.
> I would like some interactine way to scale the z-axis or radiance
> values being displayed because they cycle through a large dynamic
> range from start to finish.
> I messed around with the labeledColorWidget, but could not see how it could
> be used to select the color map on the fly.

The visad.util.RangeWidget class is designed to do just
what you want. Just its constructor your ScalarMap to
ZAxis, and you'll get a widget (that you can add to your
GUI) that lets the user interactively change the setRange()
for the ScalarMap to ZAxis. There is an example in
visad/examples/ of using this with a ScalarMap
to RGB. It can be used with a ScalarMap to ZAxis just the

Good luck,