Re: A TextMap Problem

Hi Olver,

You are probably using a DisplayImplJ2D or a DisplayImplJ3D
with a TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D. In both cases it wll try to
display lines and points over filled triangles. Text without
a font (or with a Hershey font) uses lines, text with a font
uses triangles (and hence go behind the lines of your FlatField).

The easiest approach is to use a Hershey font.

Another apporach is possible if you are using a DisplayImplJ3D
with a TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D. It is to not use the
TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D, but instead use:

  GraphicsModeControl mode = display.getGraphicsModeControl();

You may also want to call MouseHelper.setFunctionMap() to
disable rotation (see an example of this function in

By not using TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D, you can use ConstantMaps
to ZAxis to explicitly place your Text and FlatField in depth
to control what's over what.

Good luck,


> Hi Bill.
> Thanks.
> A SIG (Sistema de Información Geográfica) is a GIS.
> textField is a TextType and textMap is a ScalarMap to Display.Text.
> Thanks a lot
> Olver.
> > Hi Olver,
> >
> > What are TextField and TextMap? Are they your own classes
> > of is TextField a FieldIMpl with a TextType in the range,
> > and TextMap a ScalarMap to Display.Text? Also, what's a
> > SIG?
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Bill
> >
> > On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, OLVER OLFREY HERNANDEZ NAVARRO wrote:
> >
> >> Hi All.
> >>
> >> I'm working in a SIG, and I need to show a Reference with a FlatField
> >> and a reference with a TextField.  When I get the control of the
> >> TextMap, and I set the Font, the TextField is showed under the
> >> flatfield, but if I don't set the font the flatField is showed under
> >> the textFiel.
> >>
> >> I need to set the font and that the FlatField is shown under the
> >> textFiel. Can I do this???
> >>
> >> Olver.