Great solvent ink

Dear Sirs:
   Sorry, thank you for your precious times!
   Our company is a business involved in R&D, manufacturing and the sale of
solvent inks. These are widely used in printing all over the world. More than
80 percent of our products are sold to
the U.S., Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia. Our products are the best in
their field.
     Advantages of Our Products
- Lowest price and highest quality
We are sure both our price and quality are the best in the world.
- Color
Most companies use imitative color as their printing color. Our company uses
the original four-color printing process, our solvent ink have wide color
gamut, and very bright, so it making
the printed material more beautiful and realistic,. We can also adjust the
ink colors according to your needs.
- Anti-light
Blue and black ink has reached Grade 8. Yellow and red ink have reached 7-8.
Wherever you use the ink, it will meet your commercial needs.
- Fluency
Our products will not block any kind of Piezoelectric printer head. After
many years¡¯ effort in technology, our inks can be used fluently during
the normal course of printing. Our products will meet your high-speed needs.
They work very well when at 50 square meters per hour.
- Convenient
There is no need for supervision when the printer is working. The printer
head can operate without cleaning for 24 hours. When our inks touch your
printed material, the ink we designed can promote the speed of drying.
- Available
  Our solvent ink can be used  Xaar and Spectra printhead.
  PK-V Piazo inkjet solvent base is using state of art production technology,
with specially selected pigment from the reliable pigment factory. They have
been consistancy passed repeated tests.
1¡¢Directly print on variety PVC, PS, PU soft materials. Many kinds of
coated material on water base inkjet coated material, which will increase
water resistance ability.
2¡¢When you are first time using the PK Solvent Based Ink , you must
clean the jet head ,conduit, ink vesicle(connect with the jet) with
MEK(2-butanone). After the MEK volatilization, fill PK-v ink.
3¡¢By UV test cabin Arcfade-O-Meter, the ink showed out outstanding UV
resistance capability on some materials color- fading with in 15% one year
outdoor up to two years.
4¡¢PK-V ink have six bright colors for wide gamut color area and easy for
colors adjustment. It prints effect nice than water-Ink, and that can¡¯t
special ICC curve.
5¡¢Suitable for Piazo print head, MIMAKI, MUTOH, ROLAND and EPSON etc. It
can print 360DPI normal mode to 1440 dpi photo mode, Continuous printing with
no problem. Can user prints big image but don¡¯t special for care.
6¡¢PK Solvent Based Ink keep in 10-20C room least one year jarless

   PK-V solvnet ink for 64 nozzles and 180 nozzles print head, for example
Mimaki JV2 / JV4 Mutoh RJ-6000 /RJ-8000 Roland CJ-500/600 and Epson 3000/7000
/10000 etc
- Widely used
Can be used to print with a very wide range of materials and Piezoelectric
- Refillable cartridges
  Also we can supply the refillable cartridges for Mimaki Roland Mutoh and
Epson printer. I attach the pricture with the email , please check it.
    Now we have solved all the technology problems for Epson printhands of
180 nozzles using
Inkjet Solvent ink. Now it can be used for speedy work without having any
problems. Recently Hideo Yamamoto (General Manager) with Nobuhiko Imamura of
Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd (Japan) came
to our company and visited our factory.
   Our products are not only lower priced but also higher quality. We offer
you a large profit margin. If you are interested in our products, please
contact us by email: xinzhum@xxxxxxxxxxxx
We can also send samples to you on request.

   Best Regards.

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