Re: Network Data Visualization

Hi Anjum,

> Can I use VisAd for network data visualization making
> my own glyphs? If yes, how?

You can make your own glyphs using ScalarMaps to Shape.
See and in visad/examples.

You can construct a network as a UnionSet of GriddedSets
with manifold dimension = 1. You must assign spatial
locations to the vertices of your network, which can
be in 2-D (Gridded2DSet) or 3-D (Gridded3DSet).

A lot depends on exactly how you want to depict your
network. If you want links displayed as lines and
vertices using your own glyphs, in 2-D, you'd need
two Data objects with MathTypes:

1. Set(x, y)  // a UnionSet of Gridded2DSets with manifold dimension = 1
2. ((x, y) -> shape)  // a FlatField with the Set from 1 as domain Set

and ScalarMaps x -> XAxis, y -> YAxis, shape -> Shape.
Data object 1 would be depicted as lines, and Data object
2 would be depicted as your glyphs. The lines and glyphs
might overlap and interfere, so you might want to use
different Sets for 1 and the domain Set in 2, where the
Set in 1 has shortened lines.

Good luck,