Stereo setup for visad

I'm trying to add stereo to visad as was discussed here: 
and I'm having some problems making it work as part 2 of that email indicated, 
extending FancySSCell and SpreadSheet.

The problem I am having is that the only time you can call super() is on the 
first line of the constructor.  Therefore, the only time I can call 
setSSCellClass() is after I call super() in my extension.  However, calls to 
setSSCellClass() that are performed after the constructor appear to be ignored. 
 I verified this by directly modifying my copy of to call 
setSSCellClass() at the very beginning of StereoSSCell's constructor, with my 
extension of FancySSCell.  When I did this, the code I added to setup stereo 
was called.  I then put that call on the last line of the constructor, and 
tried again.  This time my code was not executed (the constructor does not get 

One possible workaround that I am aware of is simply copying the entire 
constructor from into my extension of SpreadSheet, but that 
would obviously not be considered proper OO programming, and I would like to 
know if there is another way to do it.

-Tim Costa

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