Re: scatter plot and mark each data point with a shape

Hi Helen,

> I like to draw a 2D scatter plot. Following the example P2_04 in
> tutorial, it is easy to create a 2D scatter plot with certain size
> points. But how can I change those points to the  shapes, such as filled
> triangle or dimond, with changable ShapeScale?

P2_04 has a Field with MathType ( index -> (time, height) ) and
ScalarMaps time -> XAxis and height -> YAxis. To use Shape you
can add ScalarMaps of time or height to Shape and ShapeScale, or
better yet use shapes to add some new information. For this,
expand your Field to include other variables, such as:

  ( index -> (time, height, u, v) )

and Display with ScalarMaps:

  time -> XAxis
  height -> YAxis
  u -> Shape
  v -> ShapeScale

See and in visad/examples for examples
of how to use Shape and ShapeScale.

Good luck,

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