Re: Problem 'make'ing VisAD due to HD5 libraries: Update: kind of works in linux

>  From this listing, it appears as though you might be trying to compile 
> using the GNU GCJ - don't know why else the "libgcj" would be 
> involved... Is that the case?

Recent versions of GCC come with GCJ by default.  They also come
with all the GCJ utilities, including what appears to be a buggy
copy of 'rmic'.

You should be using the rmic executable which was installed in the
same directory as your 'javac', rather than the 'rmic' which was
installed with your 'gcj'.

If both 'javac' and 'gcj' live in the same directory, you've
probably overwritten the Java 'rmic' with the GNU 'rmic' and will
need to reinstall your JDK in order to get things working again.

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