Re: shape thickness

Hi Bill

I tried that earlier and ran into a problem.  I am constantly
changing the data displayed by my application.  When I change
the data I removeAllReferences() from my display, reset the
data and re-add the references.  If I add a constant map in
addReference(), the second time I add the reference I get
an exception saying that I can't add the same constant map
twice.  But, if I don't add a constant map, the data is
displayed as though a constant map isn't there at all.

I looked through the visad/example code.  The closest
example creates a new display and then adds all the scalar
and constant maps.  I'd prefer not to create a new display
everytime I change the data.

How can I get around this?


On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, Bill Hibbard wrote:

> Hi Leah,
> > I'm using VisADLineArray to draw shapes on my data fields.
> > But, I'd like the shapes to have thicker lines.  Any idea
> > how to do this?
> You can do it with a ConstantMap to LineWidth, such as:
>     ConstantMap[] cmaps = {new ConstantMap(3.0, Display.LineWidth)};
>     display.addReference(ref, cmaps);
> where ref is the DataReferenceImpl to the Data that includes RealTypes
> mapped to Shape.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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