Re: Problem 'make'ing VisAD due to HD5 libraries: Update: kind of works in linux

Hi Tim,

To my knowledge, the instructions for installing VisAD on the VisAD FAQ should 
work.  I'm in the middle of some things right now, but I'll double check that 
as soon as I get a spare moment.  It sounds like your problems are stemming 
from the HDF-5 errors.  Please check to see whether your VisAD distribution 
included the ncsa/hdf/hdf5lib package.  If so, try to compile it with "javac 
*.java" in that directory.


At 02:27 PM 3/28/2003, tsc wrote:
>Hi all,
>One problem was with the Makefile, I had to change the line for the JAVADIR.  
>I would have done this earlier, but there are 2 conflicting versions of the 
>install information on the visad site, one in the README file (which appears 
>to be correct) and one in the FAQ 
><> which is out of date 
>(obviously that was the one I read ;-)
>So now it compiles everything, but with some errors still, I don't know 
>whether it is OK to ignore these, but the SpreadSheet program does not load, 
>so something is wrong still, here are the first errors (all of the output 
>takes several console windows)  The example programs work, but the main thing 
>we are interested in is the SpreadSheet.  Also there are still errors 
>regarding HD5 stuffs, I don't know if those libraries are mandatory for proper 
>Errors follow below.
>Thanks again,
>-tim costa
>javac -J-mx64m *.java
>rmic -d /usr/local visad.RemoteActionImpl
>   at 0x4027312c: java.lang.Throwable.Throwable() (/usr/lib/
>   at 0x402660af: java.lang.Exception.Exception() (/usr/lib/
>   at 0x402699b3: java.lang.RuntimeException.RuntimeException() 
> (/usr/lib/
>   at 0x402690a7: java.
>   at 0x402690a7: java.lang.NullPointerException.NullPointerException() 
> (/usr/lib/
>   at 0x40225547: _Jv_ThrowNullPointerException (/usr/lib/
>   at 0x4032ba69:[]) 
> (/usr/lib/
>javac -J-mx64m *.java
>*** Building in data/hdfeos/hdfeosc
>make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/visad/data/hdfeos/hdfeosc'
>make[3]: Entering directory `/usr/local/visad/data/hdfeos/hdfeosc'
>make[4]: Entering directory `/usr/local/visad/data/hdfeos/hdfeosc'
>cc -fPIC -DPIC -c SWopenImp.c -I/usr/local/j2sdk14/include 
>-I/usr/local/j2sdk14/include/linux -I. -I.
>SWopenImp.c:26:19: mfhdf.h: No such file or directory
>SWopenImp.c:27:23: HdfEosDef.h: No such file or directory
>Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
>        at 
> at      
>   at<init>(
>        at
>--- Bill Hibbard <billh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Hi Tim,
>>> I'm having a problem building visad from source, i've tried in both linux 
>>> and in windows 2000, and both result in similar errors:
>>> C:\java\visad>nmake -f Makefile.winnt compile
>>> C:\java\visad\util\ cannot resolve symbol
>>> symbol  : variable H5
>>> location: class visad.util.Util
>>>       H5.J2C(0); // HDF-5 call initializes HDF-5 native library
>>>       ^
>>> 2 errors
>>> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\WINNT\system32\cmd.exe' : return code '0x1'
>>> Stop.
>>> The error under linux is similar, except that make continues on, trying the 
>>> other files (and giving more errors about HDF-5 type things)
>>> Does anyone have a suggestion for how to resolve this?
>>We have never seen this error before.
>>H5 is in the ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib package distributed with VisAD. The only
>>thing I can think of is that visad.util occurs before ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib
>>in the list of packages in the VisAD Makefile, and that you are using a
>>Java compiler that will not automaticaly try to compile imported
>>classes that are not already compiled. What compiler are you using?

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