Re: cutaway view for 3D rendering

Hi Muz,

> I am trying to generate a "cutaway" view for a cynlinder in 3D spatial 
> domain. The view may look like this:
> I don't have much idea about how to do this. Can anyone give me suggestions?

If you can do your cutaway view by planes, then you can set clipping
planes by the DisplayRendererJ3D.setClip() method, as illustrated
in visad/examples/

However, the wedge cliiped out of a cylinder in your JPEG cannot be
done by clipping planes. You might to this a ScalarMap to SelectRange,
of the angle coordinate of cylidrical coordinates of you cylinder.
SelectRange is illustrated in visad/examples/ Your data
would need to include a RealType with values at each point for the
angle coordinate.

Good luck,

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