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> Kjell-
> Kjell Røang wrote:
> > As mentioned elsewhere, we want to use another projections package (
> > ). We plan to use completly other kind out data
> > that we need to transform. I can't find this MapProjectionDisplay in my
> > display.
> You could still use GeoTools on the VisAD adapter by creating
> a GeoToolsCoordinateSystem that would take a GeoTools object
> and use that to do the conversion.  I'll look at GeoTools when
> I get a chance (maybe next week).  MapProjectionDisplay
> is in the examples directory.  The examples do not have
> packages, so you would have to cd to the examples directory
> and run java MapProjectionDisplay.

That would be a good idea. The MapProjectionDisplay was not in the src I
downloaded from sourceforge (the latest from 2002) but I found it in the
source at . By the
way. Which version should I use, or should I use CVS at sourceforge?

> > It sounds pretty much how I will like to do it, but I might use
> Ricks mods
> > to do the transformations. (JGrib should also support new projections as
> > many will use JGrib without using Visad). In VisAd notation,
> the data would
> > look something like:
> >
> > time -> ((lat, lon, z?) -> (pressure, v-wind, u-wind, ...))
> It would be good to support new projections.  As I say above,
> if you are going to use GeoTools, then you could create a
> GeoToolsCS that could be used in the VisAD objects (instead of
> GRIBCoordinateSystem).  It would extend visad.georef.MapProjection.
> I would also suggest that you try to do lazy evaluation of t
> the GRIB file using FileFlatFields instead of FlatFields.  This
> will be a little more work, but will only cause memory to be used
> when a particular Field in requested.  So the structure would be:
> time -> (((lat, lon, z) -> pressure),
>           ((lat, lon, z) -> v-wind),
>           ((lat, lon, z) -> u-wind),
>            ....)
> The Vis5D and netCDF adapter (Plain) use this strategy.

JGrib use streams only (not random access), but I can keep a compressed GRIB
record in memory (LigthtRecord) and probably use that as input to a "lazy"


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