Servlet classpath error


Amaral wrote:

I have triyed to pass a float array to a Visad class from a servlet . When I run the servlet I get exeptions. My servlet uses this code to pass the data object to the Visad class. for (i=0; i<40; i++ {[0][i] = dd;
I get two blocks of exception messages. Below the first line of each.
javax.servlet.ServletException: Invoker service() exception
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: visad/ScalarMapListener
Can some one give a hint?
Thanks. Amaral.

This is a classpath error (as Curtis pointed out).

You need to put a copy of visad.jar in the directory


assuming you're using Tomcat. (Must also do that for every other library you're using.)

You servlets (compiled classes) should go in

(...the same...)/WEB-INF/classes/...