Hi Amaral,

I don't know anything about servlets, but it looks like
some sort of class path error.  visad/ScalarMapListener
is a valid VisAD class, and should be present if your
class paths are configured properly.


At 10:01 AM 3/14/2003, Amaral wrote:
>I have triyed to pass a float array to a Visad class from a servlet . When I 
>run the servlet I get exeptions.
>My servlet uses this code to pass the data object to the Visad class.
>for (i=0; i<40; i++ {
>[0][i] = dd;
>I get two blocks of exception messages. Below the first line of each.
>javax.servlet.ServletException: Invoker service() exception
>java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: visad/ScalarMapListener
>Can some one give a hint?
>Thanks. Amaral.