RE: Picking GriddedSets


>       I'd tried something similar to what you suggested, but the
> problem with that is that it uses a lot of memory(I have a large data
> set). Do you think there's another way I could implement this? Thanks a
> lot for your help.

Another approach might be to merge the data from all
your FlatFields into one large FlatField with MathType

  (index -> (x, y, w))

This will be displayed as discrete points. Display this AND
your original FieldImpl, but only use PickManipulationRendererJ3D
with the merged FlatField. Then getCloseIndex() will give you
the index of the selected point in the merged FlatField, and you
can use this to compute its position in the FieldImpl.

Depending on colors etc, the point depiction of the merged
FlatField may be visible over the depiction of the FieldImpl.
You may be able to make them invisible by using:

  GraphicsModeControl mode = display.getGraphicsModeControl();

and using a ConstantMap to ZAxis to place the depiction of
the merged FlatField behind the depcition of the FieldImpl.

Good luck,