RE: GraphicsModeControl.setPointSize with a DisplayImplJ3D underwin2k

Thanks --- I've got it resolved now.  It turns out using 2048x768 resolution 
[with jdk 1.4.1, j3d 1.3 (openGL), and my dual-monitor Radeon 7000 card) worked 
fine, whereas 2560x1024 didn't.  After rooting around on the web I came across 
which states there's a directX problem at higher resolutions than 2048x768 on 
win2k.  But 2560x1024 resolution can be made to work with java3d if under 
Display->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshooting you disable hardware acceleration 
for DirectDraw & Direct3D.

Many thanks,

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Howell, Greg wrote:
> Thanks Don & Mathias --- I've upgraded to jdk 1.4.1, j3d 1.3 and actually the 
> openGL & directX packages both solved the pointSize problem, but caused 
> another (less serious from my point of view) problem.

With Java 1.3.1, Java 3D 1.3 and DirectX 8.1, LineWidth settings do
not work.

> I've got a two-monitor "Radeon 7000" series adapter running 16-bit color 
> 2560x1024 which (oddly enough) only works with Java3D when one monitor is 
> disabled.  I say "oddly enough" because originally, when I was just having 
> the pointSize problem, both monitors were enabled.  Now if I disable one and 
> run in 1280x1024 all's well.  Hate to press my luck by asking two questions 
> on my first day on this list but I've tried everything I can think of.

Don't know about this.  I do know there is a problem with
1.4.1 with the mobility Radeon on my thinkpad:

which is why I'm stuck at 1.3.1.  1.4.2 is supposed to fix the

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