AW: GraphicsModeControl.setPointSize with a DisplayImplJ3D under win2k

Hi Greg, hi Don,

> > I'm running VisAD under linux, solaris, and now windows --- the only

> > problem I'm having is that calls to setPointSize seem to be ignored 
> under > windows.  e.g. in the points look fine on the 2d 
> display but 
> > are apparently of size 1 on the 3d display.
> > 
> > Has anyone else come across this problem?
> I suspect you are using the DirectX version of Java 3D.
> Point size didn't used to work under this.  I've also
> recently found that LineWidth has no effect under the
> DirectX version.

I realized this problem, too. But since I have changed to the newest
DirectX/JDK/Java3D-Versions the problem is gone. Point sizes and line
widths are working. I am using jdk 1.4.1, j3d 1.3 and DirectX 8.1

Hope that helps