Re: UnionSet and Animation

Hi Jay,

> I have a UnionSet of Gridded3DSets like the example. But I 
> have one UnionSet for each time stamp. How would I animate all the UnionSets?

Instead of combining your Gridded3DSets in a UnionSet,
put each Gridded3DSet as a different range sample of a
FieldImpl, with a domain Set that lists the time of each

If your Gridded3DSet have MathType 'Set(x, y)', for
example, then your FieldImpl will have MathType:

  (Time -> Set(x, y))

You should use either Linear1DSet (if your times are in
arithmetic progression) of Gridded1DDoubleSet for your
times. See and in visad/examples
for examples of how to set time values in Sets. Note the
need for double precision to encode date and time in a
single value.

Good luck,