Re: UnionSet Question

Hi Ben,

Just link both vals_ff and your UnionSet both to the
DisplayImpl, using two ccalls to addReference().

I assume you are not asking to draw contours of your
UnionSet, since it has manifold dimension = 1 and
cannot be contoured.

Good luck,

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Ben Podoll wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a program that simply displays contours in 2 dimensions across a
> lat and lon grid. I am using LinearLatLonSet as my domain and then just
> setting my FlatField values accordingly...
> //-------------------------------------------------------
> FunctionType func = new FunctionType(dom_tup, variable);
> LinearLatLonSet domain_set = new LinearLatLonSet(...);
> float[][] flat_samples = <function call to get my samples>
> FlatField vals_ff = new FlatField(func, domain_set);
> vals_ff.setSamples(flat_samples, false);
> //-------------------------------------------------------
> And everything works fine.
> I also have a program that uses a ShapefileAdapter to open a shapefile
> and gives me a UnionSet. I can give a Rectangle2D object in the
> constructor so that the UnionSet it returns is covering the same area as
> my previous program.  This program works fine too.
> What I want to do is combine them so the contours overlay the shapefile,
> and I have been struggling trying to figure out how to go about doing
> this. I see that the UnionSet from the shapefile is made up of 3
> SampledSets and then each one of those is made up of some Gridded2DSets.
> So I am wondering if anyone can give me a pointer on how to going about
> combining my first and second programs?
> Thanks,
> Ben

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