Re: A question about IDE

You must see in my message that I pointed out the
problem. Of course, I know the solution which just
needs to correct the package name or other methods
whatever you like. That is only a simple java problem.
Nobody will ask help for a solution to a package path
or class path problem. I do think that everyone knows

However, my post is to query the package maker to make
the correction so that we don't have to do anything
every time we update the package.  

 --- Olivier Hussenet <ohussenet@xxxxxxx> wrote: > The
initial question on the mailing list was:
> >To: visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Subject: A question about IDE
> >From: Xue-Feng Yang <just4look@xxxxxxxxx>
> >Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 19:12:50 -0500 (EST)
> >Does anyone have experience to load Visad to
> NetBean
> >or Eclipse?
> >I meet some errors. Most of them come from
> >visad.examples, and package path problems. There is
> >only one Java syntex error.
> My answer seemed to me not so much displaced,
> because i also encountered
> these problems and solved them (of course the same
> kind of problems also
> occur for data files, and for the same reason, but
> as Xue-Feng Yang should
> say: "everyone knows that").
> And i received the following response, but not on
> the mailing-list:
> >>De : Xue-Feng Yang [mailto:just4look@xxxxxxxxx]
> >>Envoyé : samedi 15 février 2003 05:47
> >>À : Olivier Hussenet
> >>Objet : Re: A question about IDE
> >>Everyone knew that.
> It's possible that i made some 'Netiquette'
> violation, due to my lack of
> experience about internet based public discussions,
> and if it's so, please
> let me know.
> However, this message was the second and the last
> one i will ever emit on
> this mailing list, because i don't want to annoy
> anyone with my stupid
> answers when trying to help
> (saying nothing about my at least also stupid
> questions, that i fortunately
> kept for my own usage !).
> Bye everyone.
>       Olivier
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