Re: axis positioning

Hi Igor,

> I am trying to position the axis so they intersect in the middle, rather
> than having them on the sides. I tried using makeScale(....) from AxisScale,
> but it didn't seem to have any effect. I suspect i may be passing
> inappropriate parameters, so could someone suggest what the parameters
> for the method should be, or even if there is another way of achieving
> this goal.

Currently the only way to do this is to draw your own
axes as one of:

1. A UnionSet of GriddedSets (2D or 3D).

2. A VisADLineArray passed to the ShapeControl of a
   ScalarMap to Shape (and of course with appropriate
   RealTuple objects linkled to the Display).

If ScalarMap allowed application to define and supply their
own extensions of AxisScale, then you could draw your center
axes by overriding the implementation of AxisScale.makeScale().
Maybe we'll allow that in the future.

Good luck,

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