Re: capture images in the animation loop

Checking the weather forecast it seems the funniest think to do, so I plan to work on it this (long) weekend :-)

If you have any ideas and extra documentation, please throw them in.

For the playback module I was thinking to start with a widget providing some simple controls, like start/stop recording, playback, render to movie file, etc. When this is attached to a display it listen for changes in the projection control of that display and record them together with timing information. From this info I can replay everything and capture the display content - display possibly loaded with a more complex scene (more data references, or data containing more samples etc.). It sounds simple and I did it once - worked fine, provided that the user is willing to wait long enough for rendering and saving every single frame.

That is the starting point. Any thoughts?


idea: I'm not sure I'm not just dreaming, but it may be possible to "save" the display to a RTP stream (using JMF) so we can have a broadcast server - people can watch a live demonstration of your application using a common rtp player, like realplayer. Need to check on this and do some testing :-)

Wilson, Andrew, J wrote:
In case someone is going to work on this, I mention that
there is some code here

that will convert a collection of JPEG images to a movie to
.avi or quicktime using JMF. I'm guessing that starting from
this it would very quickly be possible to get the same
functionality as offered by

I also have some suggestions for a more sophisticated
playback module. In the past I have used keyframe animation
systems in order to generate movies where individual frames
could not be generated in real time. I think that if such a
system were to be implemented well for VisAD then this is
potentially "killer" functionality that would draw users and
developers like a honeypot.

Regret I have neither the competence nor time to build this
myself but I can provide info on how it has been done in
other systems and I will also volunteer to so some user

Perhaps the best key frame animation system I have seen was
inside AVS: why not reverse engineer this approach? I can probably find some documentation on this if that would


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Hi Iulian,

If anyone interested I can actually spend couples of days


;-) ) on :
1 - VisAD file form for JMF supported media types
2 - a simple playback module - useful for presentations


suggestions are more than welcome)

As Curtis said, a VisAD file form for JMF, or for any new
format, is always very welcome. If you have one and want
to serve it, we would like to add a link from the VisAD
web page. We could also add your code to our source
distribution, as long as it works and conforms to JDK 1.2.


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