Re: Vector scaling

Hi John

_From any of your ScalarMaps to Flow1X, Flow1Y, Flow1Z or
Flow2X, Flow2Y, Flow2Z :

ScalarMap flow1x_map
FlowControl flow_control =  (FlowControl) flow1x_map.getControl();
flow_control.setFlowScale(float scale)

You'll have to fiddle with the scale value, I think the default is 0.02


John Osborne wrote:

> I have succeeded in producing a 3D vector plot with ViSAD. That is, I
> have u,v,w components of velocity defined on an x,y,z grid. The problem
> is that the vectors drawn at the grid points are hard to see unless you
> really zoom into the plot. Is there a way to explicity set a scaling
> vactor for the vector magnitudes to accentuate the vector arrows. Simply
> multiplying the component magnitudes by a constant doesn't seem to
> change anything. Is there some kind of VisAD-internal normalization or
> scaling occuring? Thanks in advance.
> JO

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