RE: An interpolation question...

Can I just check I am not missing something here?

Right now I am displaying a data set that has 11 slices, each
of which is 250 samples x 2001 samples.

With setTextureEnable(true) I can quite quickly flick through
the slices using the VisAd animation support. This is really
very nice and I (and my boss) were impressed with how quickly
this could be implemented.

But the display is blocky and my users are used to nice
smooth displays. Sigh.

If I create my display with DisplayImpJ2D then
setTextureEnable(false) eventually delivers a nice smoothed
image but is very, very slow.

If I create my display with DisplayImplJ3D("display1", new
then I just get a blank screen when I

Can I get the speed of Texture mapped rendering with the
smoothness of interpolation?
Do I have to guesstimate how many screen pixels are on show
and resample myself?

My apologies if there is something I am missing?

PS: I am running on a brand new Sun Blade with Extreme
graphics card and 2GByte memory so I don't think it is lack
of hardware that is causing the speed problem

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