Re: Is JPythonFrame full functional?

Hi Xue-Feng:

> I tried to type
> 1+1
> and return. I cannot see 2 appeared as it in Jython. I
> can run all the PY samples and the commandline
> examples in tutorials.  Any comment?

I do not believe Curtis (the author) intended this to be a "Jython Console", which does display the toString() value of any object that is returned. To my knowledge there are only 3 "editor/runners" for Jython: this one, Jext, and jedit. [There is also a in the Jython "demo" section of their distribution (which I've also been including in more recent installers for Windows and Linux) that does some emulation of a command-line interface but does not have an editor.]

jedit has a jython plug-in which does give you a 'console' feel. The only problem (a show-stopper for us) is that it does not allow new protocols to be registered (thus we cannot access image data using the adde: protocol). Jext is currently our "mini-IDE" of choice (not the current release, but the CVS version plus a few additions we've handed to the author). I do not know if either of these would be easy to integrate into your application as you described before.


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