Axis flipping: how to check the display range has finished initia lising?

Is there a smart way to pause until a display Range has
finished initialising?

I am working in 3D with surfaces where the "Z" axis is the
time it takes for an acoustic pulse to travel down into the
ground, reflect off a layer interface and return to the

So the Z axis needs to increase downwards.

I have been successfully using 

      double[] range = timeMap3D.getRange();

to flip the range of the axes. This works for small horizons
of 50,000 points but does not work for 500,000 points because
the display range has not yet finished calculating by the
time it reaches the above code. OK, so I could write a little
loop to spin until the ranges are not yet NaN but I was
wondering if there is a smarter way to do this? Maybe some
kind of call back that I've missed?



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